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The following attractions are all within a short 60 minute drive 
from French Woods and Hancock, New York.

  Championship Golf

Begin your fun right at the French Woods Golf & Country Club Resort. Enjoy 18 holes of challenging golf at a spectacularly beautiful panoramic course. Breakfast, lunch or dinner are available in the Grill or on the outdoor deck of the Clubhouse.  http:/frenchwoodsgolf.com/

  Houdini Museum

Located in Scranton, PA, you'll be treated to LIVE performances by some of America's top magicians as well as viewing artifacts & historical documents of the most famous magician of the 20th Century, Houdini! http://www.houdini.org/

    Elk Mountain 

Enjoy a change of pace & the thrills of downhill skiing at Elk Mountain, Pa. Just 35 minutes away.  http://www.elkskier.com/
  Montage Mountain 22 public trails on 140 acres mark this downhill ski slope. With Elk Mountain, you'll have the very best of downhill skiing!  http://www.skimontage.com/
  Delaware River Enjoy what many anglers have called the "best trout fishing" in the United States. Just 5 minutes out the back door of your private lodge are the headwaters of The Delaware River. Take advantage of our Play & Stay Fishing Packages!
  Bass Mountain Spectacular views of the Village of Hancock below. You can watch the East & West branches of the Delaware come together from opposing directions to begin the Delaware River's 331 mile journey to the Atlantic. 
  Mighty "M" Racino America's only year-round harness racetrack is a short drive away, along with over 1,500 video gaming machines and amenities such as a 350-seat buffet and live entertainment.
  Canoe Trip Rent a canoe for the day and journey down the river that Washington crossed to defeat the British.  Take a lunch and end your journey at Hankins, Callicoon or Skinner's Falls. 
 Binghamton Rumble Ponies Take in a AA minor league baseball game in the afternoon or evening. America's past time goes great with hot dogs and beer! Play ball!! http://www.bmets.com/   Or see the AAA Red Barons team just down the road in Scranton, PA. http://www.railriders.com 
 Nicholson Bridge 163,000 cubic yards of concrete, 2,280,000 Ibs. of reinforcing steel and 185,000 bbls. of cement make up the World's Largest Concrete Bridge in Nicholson, Pa. A truly impressive sight you should not miss.
    Great Train Robbery  The Great Train Robbery Excursion takes place between Honesdale to Lackawaxen (Zane Grey Museum) or Hawley during the summer months. Trips, beginning at The Stourbridge Lion, include scenic tours during the fall foliage season, dinner/theatre and shopping/sightseeing excursions and the interactive "Great Train Robbery" excursion. 


Steamtown National Historic Site is located in Scranton, PA. Today, you can relive the era of steam as the engines come back to life & take a short rail ride. The cinders, grease, oil, steam, people and stories of railroading have returned. The Steamtown Mall is located across the street.  http://www.nps.gov/stea/
  Sturbridge Lion  On the morning of Saturday, August 8, 1829, before a large crowd of excited onlookers drawn from Honesdale and the surrounding countryside, Horatio Allen climbed aboard the Stourbridge Lion and took the controls of the first commercial, operational locomotive in North America. A replica of the "Lion", along with other artifacts are on display in the museum in Honesdale. The original train is in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. http://www.stourbridge.com/htm/lioncent.htm
  Rod Serling Museum The birthplace of IBM is also the birthplace of Rod Serling, one of America's great writers and creator of the Twilight Zone. 4 Victorian houses comprise the Rod Serling Museum, which will celebrate the life and works of the famous mystery writer. TBA
  The Discovery Center Shop in the “Littlest” Giant Market, become a pilot and fly a plane. Our life-size fire truck is available to explore along with the full dress uniform of a busy and dedicated fire fighting professional. If you want to share your happy smile, The Discovery Center has an Action News television studio set. Fun for all ages.  http://www.thediscoverycenter.org/
  Ross Park Zoo The 25-acre Ross Park Zoo is adjacent to a 75-acre wooded park. See "Wolf Woods", tigers, snow leopards, and many other species of animals , birds & reptiles. One of Binghamton's many Carousels is also ready for boarding!  A stone's throw from The Discovery Center. Both will make for a wonderful day for the whole family! http://www.rossparkzoo.com/
  Coal Mine Tour Explore 300 feet beneath the earth at Scranton, Pa. Meet a miner in the winding caverns while traveling down through three different veins of hard coal. Learn about life and hard coal times in the Shifting Shanty, photo-mural exhibits, mining tools, artifacts and video presentations. http://pocono.org/coalmn.html
  Zane Gray Museum Zane Grey, prolific author of Westerns, considered "Father Of the Western Novel",  lived in Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania, from 1905 until 1918. Lackawaxen always held a special place in his memories, and was chosen as the site of his final resting place. Today, Grey's home from 1914-18 is preserved by the National Park Service as part of Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River.  http://www.nps.gov/upde/zgmuseum.htm  
  Scenic Byway Route 97, which runs right by the French Woods Golf & Country Club Resort is designated  The Upper Delaware Scenic Byway. It parallels the Delaware River from Port Jervis to Hancock, through a naturally scenic and historic area of southern New York.  http://www.upperdelaware.com/route97/index.cfm
Horseback Riding Horse stables are a short drive away in Honesdale, provides riding horses of all temperaments for the novice as well as the advanced rider. Beautiful country trails will give you hours of enjoyment. A trail guide is provided for you.  http://pocono.org/wwwfg.html 
 Tennis 2 free public courts are located in the village just minutes from your private lodge. 
Woodstock Max Yasgur's farm in Bethel, New York, has long held had a fascination for this nation and the world. This Mecca of rock & roll history has been preserved by Allan Gerry, a local man who made his fortune in cable TV. 50 minutes. http://www.woodstocknation.org/update.htm
 Roebling Bridge The Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River is the home of the oldest existing wire suspension bridge in the United States — the Delaware Aqueduct, or Roebling Bridge as it is now known. Begun in 1847,  it was designed by and built under the supervision of Engineer John A. Roebling, future engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge. The Delaware Aqueduct is designated a National Historic Landmark as well as a National Civil Engineering Landmark. The bluestone foundation of another original Roebling bridge can be seen in Hancock today. Linking Hancock to Pennsylvania, the remnants of the foundation are still visible today directly adjacent to the existing PA/NY Bridge in Hancock.